I See Dead People

Whoo. It's been quite a month...and it's only going to get crazier. True to my word, I've watched nothing but movies that can somehow be tied into my Halloween theme. I started a blog a week ago that I was hoping would be similar in vein to my other blogs where I just give short synopses...but then I realized...I had far more to say about everything than I could in a short paragraph dedicated to each movie. So... instead I'm going to just give a preview and hope that at some point I can write individual blogs for a few of these at least...and I'll edit this blog later with links to them once they're written... But at this point, if nothing else I'll give a VERY brief recap of everything I've watched so far (if I can remember them all...) I'm going to limit myself to one sentence per film...two at most! So let's begin!

The Sixth Sense. This masterpiece features incredible performances from everyone involved, and even if you know already what's going down it is definitely still worth watching as there are still so many layers to analyze and important human drama.

1408. The film is solid and I like how it examines both our fears arising from the physical as well as the psychological....great performance by John Cusack, but I'm not sold on the ending (I hear there is an alternate director's cut that is pretty interesting though.)

Clue. A nostalgic childhood favorite that is very clever and quotable...and complete with three endings for the viewer to choose from (however, I feel the movie isn't complete unless you watch all of them!)

Young Frankenstein. The very funny classic with director Mel Brooks at his finest directing a cast that clearly had a good time.

Psycho. One of the greatest films of its kind of all time, this Hitchcock thriller is just amazing and still holds up extremely nicely. Honestly, you can't not watch this movie around Halloween. Dangit...that's two sentences...now three.

Strangers on a Train. Another Hitchcock thriller featuring a very real and terrifying premise, and of course it is very finely executed with high suspense!

Zombieland. Oh so violent, but oh how I love the characters, dialogue and a certain plot point that just elevates the movie to unforgettable.

The Addam's Family. Where did this one dud come from on the list? Ann made me do it. 90's remake of a classic 60's t.v. show does not equal a good movie or classic in its own right. Broke the sentence rule again, but the mini rant was worth it.

Rope. Another terrifyingly real concept of murder and suspense from Hitchcock...what can I say? The man is good.

Sweeney Todd. Incredibly dark, but the fantastic story of how revenge eats away at the soul directed by one of my faves Tim Burton. Great soundtrack too.

Dracula Dead and Loving It. Okay, this isn't the greatest or refined comedy ever....but there are just a few moments that really make me laugh...even just thinking about them.

Les Diaboliques. Saw this first a year ago in my film class in Paris and was absolutely terrified...still good the second time around but I was more negatively affected by pacing. Still a terrific film with a fantastic ending.

The Innocents. I'll give them major points for the creepy kids, as well as the ambiguity, it presents in the whole thing...but sometimes too much ambiguity can drive me nuts when I think "now what the heck did I just even watch??"

I feel like for sure I'm missing some...and if so, I'll have to include them in the next blog I guess....because there's still plenty more I plan to watch including Drag Me To Hell, The Shining, The Ring, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus and Shaun of the Dead among others. This has been so much fun watching all these movies this month...this might just have to become a tradition. It really makes you appreciate the genre and the holiday! Anyway, feel free to share your opinions on what I've listed and what else I must watch before the month is through!!


seanmackay.net said...

I watched two of these movies with you.

Emily said...

Thank you for your insightful comment. haha

Johanna said...

I love the "gimmick" of The Rope that he shot the movie in 10 minute takes. I loved Hitchcock's inventiveness.

Some of the shots in "Strangers On A Train" are breathtaking. Think eyeglasses!

I read once that Psycho was the first movie of it's kind where we see the crime from the perpetrators viewpoint which was a scary, icky place that the audience had not been in before.

Love The Sixth Sense but it has never been a scary movie for me.

Seriously disappointed in The Addams Family. Loved the T.V. show as a child and was so disappointed. Now, about that. For some reason my mom hated The Munsters and wouldn't let us watch it. But she loved The Addams Family so we got to watch it. Go figure!

Sarah said...

What didn't you like about the ending of 1408? I'm curious. I thought the ending was creepy--especially when he listens to the tape recording with his wife.

I could have done without the gore in Sweeney Todd. I saw it edited, but I would have preferred even more editing! Johnny Depp did a great job and it looked cool and all of it was sung and performed well...but still, it was just too much!

You should make a list of your favorite Halloween films when you are finished reviewing all of them.

And I just love Dracula: Dead and Loving It. No, it's not a great film...it's cheesy (similar to Robin Hood: Men in Tights). But the great moments make up for it.

One of my favorite traditions is to carve pumpkins while I watch Halloween movies in the background.

Sarah said...

Just so you know, your blog hates me and has rejected my comments a number of times. Boo hoo!