Here's Johnny!!!!!

Title courtesy of Sean....even though I thought of it moments earlier in my head, but of course he deserves all the props always. As I am writing this, the month of October and Halloween are almost to a close. And so too is my experiment of watching only horror or Halloween-themed films all month. It is really one of the most difficult genres because, as with my problems with the rom-com, the industry lives and breathes by the formula which results in a lot of crap getting churned out to make an easy buck. But, there are some real gems from this genre in all of movie history and those were what I chose to focus on all month....and it was a lot of fun! In fact, it was almost my only outlet all month since I worked all. the. time....and didn't get as much time as I would have liked to go out and do some actual Halloween related activities. So then....let's just go ahead and recap the second half of the month just as I did the first...only one sentence per movie!

Single White Female - Missed this one from last post, I caught it on t.v., it's the better, original of the crappy/silly/laughable remake The Roommate....still no masterpiece, but it contains some pretty real tension.

Drag Me To Hell - I love this movie so much, so totally, outrageously, entertaining from start to finish...I think it's become an annual must for me now.

Hocus Pocus - Speaking of annual musts, this one has nostalgia written all over it and is entertaining in its own right...plus the jokes that flew over your head when you were a kid are pretty hilarious now in hindsight.

Beetle Juice - This one also had some humor in it I didn't pick up on until I got older, but also loved as a child. This film is so bizarre, but I just love it, nothing like it and oh so quotable. (dang two sentences!)

Shaun of the Dead - The whole movie is very funny and entertaining, but one exchange makes the whole thing just so unforgettable and hilarious to me.

Liz: what makes you think I'm going to take you back?
Shaun: you don't want to die single do you??
single friend in the same room: I think I'd like that bullet now.

I hear ya mister. Haha!

The Haunting
- Very creepy and classy old film that has an unfortunate, laughable remake. (Laurie and I have some real fond memories of that one don't we?)

The Shining
- I had actually never seen this before, and honest to goodness it is one of the best horror movies of all time I think....very effective and featuring an unforgettable performance by Jack Nicholson.

The Ring - A horror classic of the aughts, don't let anyone tell you this film is not amazing because of shameless sequels or wannabes...because honestly this film is so well made. It was absolutely horrifying the first time I watched it, (right Courtney??) and, even though, subsequent viewings has lessened the horror, it is still a very well made film (and I gotta give a shout out to the fantastic cinematography.)

- I wouldn't necessarily say I saved the best for last (because I've watched some reallllly good ones), but I thought what better to watch on Halloween than Halloween? A very, very well made and solid slasher flick...the model for ripoffs and wannabes that plague the cinemas today, but as something new...in its day...it must have been just terrifying because it is verry tense.

I guess that begs the question...what IS the best one? I wish I had more time because there really were so many movies I didn't get to watch...some I'd recently seen (Let Me In, Paranormal Activity and Insidious) and some I've never seen (like the sequels to Evil Dead), but I am kinda looking forward to returning to my normal programming, if you will....especially since there are a few releases (DVD and theater alike,) I'm looking forward to!

Also, as a side afterthought I'd like to briefly say how much I just love Halloween specials of my favorite comedy t.v. shows. How I Met Your Mother and especially Community have done some pretty great ones lately and in the past, annnnnnnnnnnd today I watched a bunch of classic (90's only for Simpsons!!) Simpsons "treehouse of horror" episodes. Those were the best. That show just used to be so hilariously clever. Shame. Anyway...that's all. Here's to you October and scary movies. We'll have to do this again this time next year!


Joey said...

You know this isn't my genre. So I have not seen many of these. But I heard on the radio the other day that most people's "scariest" movies are one that they saw in their youth while they were still very impressionable. Somehow that's the most scared we'll ever be...in the movies anyway.

Given that: Jaws, The Birds, and every Friday Night Nightmare Theater movie that I saw would be at the top of my list.

And I loved what Toni Collette said about "The Sixth Sense." She said that the movie had so much emotional resonance with her that she never saw it as a thriller/horror movie. That's how I felt.

Laurie & Clint said...

I'd like to see the shining. Halloween is so fun. The haunting really was terrible. And we will have to agree to disagree aboutthe ring,because it is far from amazing.

Emily said...

Agree to disagree because it is very well-made and suspenseful. What's your problem with it? And I can't believe you didn't talk about Beetle Juice..

Sarah said...

Trying again...your blog hates me.

It was a lot of fun watching The Haunting with you. Did you ever get a chance to re-watch the prologue (since we talked through it the first time)? It really sets the mood and I regret that I spoiled it for you by chatting you up.

I'm glad you had a great Halloween full of fun Halloween spooky movies!