Simple pleasures..or perhaps guilty pleasures

There are some movies that I swear only me, as well as the members of my family have ever heard of. And if someone else has happened to have seen it, they more often than not say that they hate it. But for us, they're just silly, entertaining films that are easy to put on at any time...and most likely the majority, if not everyone will agree to it. A favorite of mine since childhood has been Stay Tuned....a very obscure 90's film that pretty much everyone on the IMDB and rottentomatoes hates. I guess I've just always loved the concept, but especially when I was a child.. the idea of being trapped in television was all too interesting. Would I want to live in a Noir film? A french period piece? A cartoon? The possibilities are endless. Sure it's no classic like Back to the Future...but for me it's clever, entertaining and it does always make me laugh with a few choice lines/moments and t.v. titles.

North is another one of these for us. Yes it does have a ton of racial stereotypes...but it's a funny little movie....and again, as a child it's a concept I loved all too much. What kid hasn't wanted new parents when they felt they weren't appreciated? When you happen to be watching a movie with such an outrageous concept, who takes it so seriously anyway? Besides...the weirdest thing to believe in that movie is George Constanza and Elaine Benes as a couple. Whoa.

I watched another one of these sorts of films recently with Jane Austen's Mafia. Come on...I know it's no cinematic masterpiece but the title alone has to give you a chuckle. I feel like this was the last decent spoof movie. Mafia spoofs The Godfather films as well as Forrest Gump and some random others. There's always something that gives me a laugh or a smile even though I probably shouldn't be.. Sometimes as fun as it is being a film snob...you've got to have a few exceptions here and there that you can just let down your snooty standards for and say "well this is entertaining and funny so I'm going to spend my time watching it." It's like the comparison I always love to draw with movies and food. Steaks will always be more satisfying so you should always want that....but sometimes you are just in the mood for cotton candy...or ice cream... or some kind of junk. Kind of how Amelia and I rented the silly-as-expected film The Roommate last week.

Sean and I watched another film with simple laughs last night: Napoleon Dynamite. Now I hadn't seen this film in years because frankly I got burned out with people over-quoting it. In fact, I put it on thinking the whole movie would probably be laugh-less because of that fact. But to my surprise, there really some genuinely funny moments in that movie. I still believe some of it was killed by hype and people embracing it too much.....and the movie definitely has nothing in the way of plot....but there are some pretty worthwhile moments. Kip and Uncle Rico steal the show with Pedro close behind too. Shame the movie wasn't a bit more fine tuned because then it would be a classic that would actually stand the test of time...instead of the unevenness that defines it now.

Haha, since it'll probably most likely be my family that comments what else did I miss? And...what t.v. or movie would you choose to be trapped in? Gotta be the Star Wars saga or a Jane Austen flick for me!


Joey said...

You wanted other parents????

The funnest part of Napoleon Dynamite was listening to you guys laugh at it. But that steak in the eye gets me every time.

Never liked Mafia, Jane Austen or not. But the title is funny.

Big Business is another one. I'll bet it doesn't score too well on IMDB, but I always there are a few family members that I think of when Bette Midler says that line about stopping making love to the pastry cart.

seanmackay.net said...

RIchie Rich. The kid had a freakin roller coaster for crying out loud.

Emily said...

And played tag using four wheelers AND had a McDonald's in his house. Good choice Sean.

Sarah said...

Ha ha! You definitely listed some of my guilty pleasures.

I love Stay Tuned. Besides, it has a great moral to it.

As for North, the point is not that he's being racist, it's that he can't quite put his finger on why none of these family's is a fit for him. But it's because no family out there is right for him but his own. He loves his parents even if their family isn't perfect. I think that point hits home when he finally finds the perfect family (with Scarlett Johansen as his sister, did you notice?) and he still doesn't want to settle down with them. They are great, he gets along with them, they love him, and he even loves them...but they aren't his family or his parents.

As for Mafia...you know me. I love those kinds of spoofs. Airplane, Top Secret, Hot Shots ("would you like some pudding?"), etc. I just love that kind of humor. The ones that are downright stupid and even terribly inappropriate at times are the Scary Movie spoofs. I've only seen them on TV (and they are edgy enough in that venue, so I wouldn't recommend seeing them unedited), but even though they're dumb, I still laugh and laugh.

Nacho Libre is a good one (especially to pair with Napoleon Dynamite). Jeremiah loves to quote that one. "I hate all the orphans in all the world!" and later "I thought you said you hated the orphans?" "Not anymore."

Let's see, some of my guilty pleasures:

1. Mannequin
2. Splash
3. Strictly Ballroom (though it's more of a cult classic)
4. Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Emily said...

Haha those are good ones. I love #1 & #4 particularly. I need to watch Splash again too. I did know that Scarlett is in North....and so is John Ritter. Funny he'd be in two of our random movies.