September rentals and theater watches

I was on such a roll at the beginning of the month. And now where did that month go?? But it's all fantastic...October is one of my favorite months for sure and as I said earlier...I'll be gearing up for Halloween. But anyway, I certainly saw enough movies to blog about...and have had enough pet peeves to rant about. I can't really explain the lack of blogs, but I'll try and make amends anyhow. So now for some mini-reviews...mostly from rentals but anyway...

Take Me Home Tonight. A rotten tomatoes summary stated it best when it said: Tonight is neither funny nor original enough to live up to the comedies it evokes" It's unfortunate though...because there are some quality moments.But a few great moments does not a movie make. But Topher Grace is pretty likable....you could probably do worse for a mindless watch movie. A 5.5 is about right. Also gotta say Anna Faris was completely wasted.

Waiting for Forever. And this is the worse I was just talking about. 6% on rotten tomatoes. I knew it'd be awful. Knew it. But still...those trailer editors made me curious. They are sure good at their jobs. You just know any movie making a romantic case for stalkers is made of win. Some scenes were just laughable...and some plot lines were just incomprehensible. One RT reviewer said, "It's not just bad, it's fascinatingly bad." Totally how I felt too. It's like a car wreck movie and you can't look away. Almost unbearably awful...but a few scenes made it hilariously awful. And it gave me a chuckle to realize (only in the final scene...) that the whole thing was filmed in Utah. I had my suspicions beforehand though ha. Give it a 1.

Contagion. Pretty much the only movie I've seen in theaters in the last month! This movie was gripping, fascinating, realistic and well-made. But...to me hardly memorable. For me...I have to be able to invest in the characters and care about them for anything to really resonate. So people die...so what? Make me care about the characters to break my heart when I see such tragedies. As neat as it was to be so realistic...I'd rather see the other types of apocalyptic films where the movie has more fun with its audience. But that's just me. Gotta say I gasped at the random SLC reference haha. I give it a 7.

Bridesmaids. This movie was hilarious. A different kind of hilarious than I was expecting. For some reason, I anticipated that it would be more about how it sucks being single and also focus more on the actual bridesmaids and their antics. But it was more of one of those awkward disaster comedies that kind of make you feel uncomfortable. Some moments are kind of unbearable...and others are just way too funny. Kristen Wiig is just hysterical. 8.5

I'd seen this before, but just watched it again with Courtney and Ann. The movie is very refreshing and feels honest. I really like the way it's told and what it has to say. It's interesting seeing how different people's perspectives are on the same situation and how that perspective can shift over time. Also, I love how the movie teaches the importance of analyzing both life and people and recognizing the true worth within. A very sweet movie, but I'd probably have edited a few moments out. 8.3

Gone Baby Gone. Honestly....wow..this movie is just...amazing. Ben A f fleck directs this story about a detective couple who is hired to help find a missing child. But the film turns out to be even so much deeper as it introduces a great moral dilemma. Seriously the movie is fascinating... and just as interesting is reading other people's view on whether or not the main character's final decision was right or not. For me, the answer is non-negotiable..but I was shocked to see how many people were on the opposite side. Just fascinating. Very worth watching. Incredibly well-made with strong performances from its entire cast, a great script, and fantastic direction. I give it a 9! Maybe even higher...

Well...I'll have to save my rants for another time. I'm too tired and I've written too much to even continue.


seanmackay.net said...

Lee blogged again! Hooray!

Joey said...

Just the few minutes that I saw of Gone Baby Gone really made me think. I would hate to be the character that had to live with the choice...and all the characters that had to live with his choice.

Emily said...

Yeah. It's very thought provoking. Very well done. And thanks bum. I try.

Sarah said...

The only movie in this group that I've seen (or heard of before your blog!) is "Flipped." I loved it. Such a great, genuine, family-friendly film.

As for Ben Affleck...good for him. He hasn't been getting very many acting gigs lately, but he's found another niche in the business.

Sarah said...

I had commented on this blog last night, but for some reason, it didn't post it.

I haven't seen or heard of any of these movies except for "Flipped." I LOVED it. It was such a sweet movie and I loved how it was told from both points of view.