I think I learned something...which would be great if I wasn't dead.

Recently I watched Insidious, a pretty decent flick as far as the horror genre goes...and a perfect handbook for anyone with supernatural problems in their lives. #1. If your spouse finds something eery/suspicious or terrifying going on around him/her BELIEVE THEM!! Do not spend half of the movie trying to prove to them that they're crazy...this is all time wasted you could be spending on solving your problem. #2 Children are creepy, if not outright evil and cannot be trusted. #3 If you own a baby monitor you'll probably be creeped out by it at one point or another. and #4 If you think you've solved your problem,,,you're almost always wrong.

Now, as to the movie itself. It has a really well done, creepy atmospheric start to the film...but it perhaps goes on a bit too long. But when it finally gets to the goods I feel like it delivers. It's almost inevitable for a film in this genre to be completely original and not fall back on familiar tropes.....so while it is guilty of that, I think it does some pretty cool stuff that is unique to it. Plus, it always helps when you have a decent cast; Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson give pretty decent performances for a horror flick. That's all I'm going to say so I don't give anything else away!

We're only a month away from the beginning of Halloween season (or if you're like me...you already have a costume in mind...) Last fall I didn't really get much of a Halloween since I was living in Paris and they don't really celebrate the holiday...so I'll have to make up ten fold when October rolls around by watching lots of horror classics and Halloween films...then blogging like crazy. Well...that's about it! Shortest blog ever?

I guess I'll ask y'all what are some funny lessons you find from horror movies or any other genre films? Annnnnnnnnnnnnd what are your favorite scary movies? What should I be watching come October?


seanmackay.net said...

I do not approve of your Halloween costume.

Joey said...

Did Anna say she could help you make it work?

Scariest movie of all time....still probably "Jaws" because it could happen. Was very, very scared of "The Birds" when I was young.

Otherwise I hate scary.

Sarah said...

What are you planning to wear for Halloween? I haven't heard.

As for Halloween movies, you can't do better than the original "The Haunting" with Russ Tamblyn and Claire Bloom. That is an awesome flick. If you haven't seen it, you should. I would love to hear what you thought of it.

It's a pity that they re-made it with Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson, and Catherine Zeta Jones (remember, you guys laughed when the cherub babies on the walls came to life). That version is awful.

The basic thing we should all learn from horror movies is: never go anywhere by yourself! Especially in the dark without a flashlight! Duh!

Unknown said...

Jaws is my all time favorite horror movie, but one of the best scary scenes I have ever seen in a movie is in The Exorcist 3. The movie itself was just okay, but that one scene was just WOW!