Monkeys and More!

Last Friday I went to see the last of the summer blockbusters: Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Probably one too many "of the's" in the title...but honestly...that's probably one of the only things the movie doesn't get right! It's funny, I think me and everyone else in the world had absolutely no belief this movie would be anything other than ridiculous. I don't think one person would have guessed that this would be one of the best and most entertaining movies of not only the summer, but the year. Top 5 fave summer movies...in no order: Super 8, Harry Potter, Captain America, X-men: First Class and Apes.

The film not only reboots the decades-old franchise The Planet of the Apes, but acts as a nice prequel to the series as well. The film stars James Franco as a scientist looking for the cure for Alzheimer's Disease in hopes of aiding his father (played by Jon Lithgow,) who has been suffering for years. But before they can test it on humans they have to test it on...you guessed it...the chimps. But the movie is really not about James Franco at all. It's all about the chimp they take in (which my brother Nephi insists is parallel to what would have happened if I kept this adorable stray kitten and raised him.)

Who wouldn't want to live in a world overrun with kittens?

The movie is surprisingly fascinating the entire time, and again just completely entertaining. As weird as it is to say about a prequel/reboot....I don't know that I can think of many films quite like it. Hats off again to Andy Serkis who makes this character absolutely real and...well...human. The rest of the cast was fine too. I mean...not a lot had too much to do *cough Freida Pinto had a pointless role but is lovely anyway cough* It definitely must be mentioned that Tom Felton AKA D Draco Malfoy has a role. The kid is gonna be typecast as the whiny brat kid I'll tell you that....but I found him pretty hilarious. All in all...it's fantastic. A thrill ride with some truly jaw-dropping moments. I think....I'm gonna give it a 9 and say see it in theaters for sure!

With that done what's left to look forward to? Well, of course, there's more to movies than just blockbusters and luckily there are a few I'm really looking forward to. Including, but not limited to:
30 Minutes or Less
- Another comedy from the director of Zombieland and once again featuring Jesse Eisenberg, as well as Aziz Ansari. Looks hilarious. But so far has only gotten decent reviews (but there's still plenty of time for the reviews to go back up...)

The Help - Basically everyone I know and their dog has read this book. I'm not really that interested, but am a little intrigued by the hype the book has generated...  I'm sure it will be good enough.

One Day
- I'm iffy on Anne Hathaway with an English accent...but this is by the director of An Education...so I'm thinking there's probably mo
re depth than meets the eye here. The latter half of the trailer I think is really good (the first half I probably just didn't go for the voice over narration...I'm kind of over that in trailers...) Plus I think Jim Sturgess is pretty likable. I think this could be good.

Apollo 18 - Haha! I've been waiting for this one forever just for its terrible tagline
and plot alone. I'm hoping this is a so bad it's a good one....but could just be bad.

- This looks like a more age appropriate Harold & Maude...but I thought it looks good though! My jury is still out on Mia Wasikowska though I think..

50/50 -
Yess! What a cast! Featuring my lovable guys Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen...with my beloved JGL finding out he
has cancer. I also really like Bryce Dallas Howard and Anna Kendrick. The trailer here looks really good and I think this one could be an amazing flick...as long as the crude humor doesn't completely take over.

What's Your Number?
T his probably will end up as a by-the-numbers thing....but as long as writing is decent enough and the actors are likable enough I'm game. We've got half of it down because I like Anna Faris...and...you know my feelings on Chris Evans.
Take Shelter - I've seen this preview a few times in front of some indie
films this summer. It looks like it could be pretty crazy...that reminds me...I still need to see Tree of Life

Dirty Girl
- Haha ...okay the title is iffy. But this looks like a charming little indie flick. Perhaps this year's Juno character...minus the pregnancy thing. Ha

Like Crazy - The two trailers I've seen for this film are absolutely beautiful. I wanted to see this one back in Sundance...especially after it cleaned up pretty well at the selections at that festival. This movie looks just incredible. Real, fresh and honest. The story of two college students, one British and one American..and the visa that complicates their lives. But then again....I've thought that with several trailers of romantic films through the last little while....maybe the trailer editors of Hollywood are just getting more and more talented at making movies look good. Going the Distance, Something Borrowed and Crazy, Stupid, Love all had pretty great trailers (the latter because it didn't include hardly a scene with the stupid 13-year-old kid...if only the movie had been so wise)....so here's hoping I don't get burned by falling for this movie based on its trailer. again.

That pretty much covers the fall flicks. We'll get into the holiday ones when it's time....but dang I can't even think about that. I don't want to lose the sunny weather!


Sean Mackay said...

It's a good thing you didn't keep that kitten.

Emily said...

Why you little...

Sarah said...

Crap, that wasn't my real comment. That was my comment on your last blog post. Your blog is being weird about letting me post comments, so I cut and pasted it so that I wouldn't lose my last comment and I somehow replaced it with the former comment. Oops.

Emily said...

I deleted it. Uh...go ahead and post your real comment I guess. Haha. Dang google...they know I'm onto them.

Sarah said...

What I meant to say was...

Don't you love it when you get surprised by a movie that way? You don't expect much out of it (in fact, you might even expect it to be crappy) and then it turns out to be awesome!? That's the best.

It's like this one time where I totally thought I was going to get a "D" or worse on a test on Russian history and I ended up acing it and getting an "A." That doesn't happen very often. Too bad though!

But if that was always the outcome, then we would never have the "so bad they're funny" movies. And those are hilarious! And entertaining.

Emily said...

It's true! So even though Apes has now gotten a lot of great reviews hopefully your expectations won't be too high now haha. Even so I think it's impossible not to be entertained.

Johanna said...

I feel the same way when I finally get around to seeing a classic that I always meant to see. I felt that way about "On The Waterfront." I'd heard so many wonderful things about it and then when I saw it, it was as powerful as everyone had said and it's a different kind of surprise. Kind of like you're not expecting it to be as good as everyone said because it can't be and then it is.

Sarah said...

Okay, so I FINALLY watched this movie (thank you library). It was FANTASTIC. Really, really gripping. So amazing how much you care for Caesar. Really amazing. Thanks for the recommendation! I need to peruse your blog for more things to check out from the library. Thanks!