Magic Movie Moments

So one of my favorite things to DVR for quite some time has been this show on Reelz Channel called "Hollywood's Top Ten." They make top ten lists about every sort of theme ever or compile the best ten works of any actor. I have a love-hate relationship with the show since it's the fans who determine the rankings... (Top Ten Franchises of all-time....Star Wars comes in at #5 and TWILIGHT is Number 1??? Outrageous.) Recently they had a list entitled "Top Ten Movie Moments." A category I often love to think about myself. Unfortunately...once again they kind of had an outrageous list. Don't get me wrong...there were some great moments on it...but Jack and Sally falling in love in The Nightmare Before Christmas and the entrance of the titular character in The Corpse Bride both taking spots was too much. Looks like someone's got a claymation or stop motion or whatever the heck it was fetish. You can check out some of their lists HERE
My brother Sean dropped off a far more reasonable listLinkHERE
In retrospect, thinking that Ign's #1 was completely absent from Reelz's list is, again I say, OUTRAGEOUS. haha. But that list (though containing 100 contenders..) still had a few moments missing. The writer must have been anti-James Cameron....which I certainly can understand. I was glad there wasn't anything from Avatar...though very shocked too. But even more shocked that the moments at the front of the ship in Titanic didn't make the list. AND very disappointed nothing from the Terminator series either. I also couldn't believe the plot twist from The Sixth Sense was absent. I think it takes a very special recipe to make a movie moment magical, lasting and iconic. For it to be just that perfect it must touch audiences (old and new) every time they see it, and as such, it then usually seeps its way into pop culture lore.

I really really did love the IGN list. It was almost comprehensive...almost. Feel free to share some that you think they may have missed in the comments. Or share some of your favorites from it. Some of my favorites, were.....well obviously their #1 pick...which I won't spoil. Citizen Kane's rosebud, Jaws' first appearance, and the shower scene in Psycho (which was the moment that came in #1 on the Reelz list) are all fantastic....a part of movie history as well as instrumental to each film's successes. The subway scene in The Seven Year Itch is the iconic image almost everyone thinks of when they think of Marilyn Monroe. The dance in the rain from Singin' In The Rain and many of the dance sequences from West Side Story always fill me with awe and really set the standard for musicals in their respective times. The finale of the 1930's King Kong, for its time was incredible...and set its own standard for all special effects that would follow. 26 years later, the chariot race from Ben-Hur continued to set a precedent for action sequences in a film. And in 1993 with the brontosaurus reveal in Jurassic Park (a scene that STILL never fails to give me goosebumps) you could see how far the technology of special effects has really come.

I suppose in that reflection I see that not only are great movie moments memorable, but they're revolutionary. They become a part of history because perhaps they change a part of film forever. How cool is it that one of the entries in the list was The Jazz Singer....the first film ever to be a "talking picture" Now I haven't seen the film myself (and I have heard that there are racist accusations galore...) but really, how great is the line "Wait a minute...wait a minute. You ain't heard nothing yet."? Those lines of dialogue couldn't have been truer....as they changed the face of cinema forever. Wow. look at me geeking out at film history! It's always been one of my favorite things to learn about...big surprise.

Now finally, while we're on the subject of movie moments....I have to also mention movie moments I loved so much that I either have lived...or are determined to live. Okay, I didn't necessarily intend to relive so much of (500) Days of Summer....but I certainly have gone through my own Reality vs. Expectations (another incredible movie moment), as well as the overall feeling of the dancing in the streets and strutting along next to the fountain thing when things were going well. That was life for me I guess. Oh and also the "GET A ROOM" thing once things fell apart. Felt like that more times than I can count. I mentioned the Chicago day felt a little Ferris Bueller (which reminds me...the parade scene is another one of my favorite moments...though I did not experience it! Ha!) I did have an epic lightsaber duel with Anna Hawkins once in our apartment complex 3 years ago. I'd do that again! I also attempted a Julie & Julia night once...with fantastic results. The food was delicious. That reminds me..I still need to make the pies from Waitress. But the moment I am DETERMINED to recreate...would have to be my all-time favorite movie kiss from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Cute guy + me + rain + orange cat = win.


Sean Mackay said...

You mentioned my name. That was a pretty special moment for me.

Joey said...

Still like the piano dance on Big. I think it cements his innocence and ability to draw in grown-ups. Love the ones you listed.

Personal movie moment: When I was in 7th grade, "Gone With The Wind" was playing at the Murray Theater. The very first shot of Rhett Butler, he's leaning on a banister looking up at Scarlett O'Hara and the camera does a pan into Clark Gable. Everyone woman in the audience went "Ahhhh!!!!!" Funny.

Also in Love Story when she dies, you could hear sniffling in the audience and boyfriends chuckling at their dates.

Sarah said...

I think you really hit on it when you said that it becomes a part of pop culture. I think sometimes you have to wait to see if something will stand the test of time. It takes time before something becomes iconic (or at least until you REALIZE that something has become iconic).

When a movie moment produces imitation or mimicry (whether to produce laughs, to be presented as an homage, or to blatantly steal from the original movie scene), then you know you've got an iconic movie scene on your hands.

For instance, I wonder which movie started the one man clap? You know, the hero delivers a fine monologue in the face of his tormentors and at the close of his speech, one lone admirer begins clapping...loudly and slowly...eventually to be followed by the clapping of others...joined one by one in rhythmic unison until so many people are clapping that the rhythm is lost in an explosion of applause.

Blah! I HATE the one man clap! But it obviously must have been something special and influential the first time it happened because it has certainly happened a lot of times since then!

Emily said...

I like when the one man clap was mocked in (500) Days of Summer. Haha. I agree....it's a trope that has just become so awful.

Anna said...

Yes! Another Shout Out! I should tally my score ;)

Laura said...

Hahaha the cat scene/picture. You would. :)