Ferris Bueller, You're My Hero

So this week I embarked on another of my adventures. This time I went to NYC...a place I've wanted to go for a very long time! But all of that is a story for another blog :) What I am gonna write about today is the movie I watched on the airplane ride home, one of my personal favorites, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. This movie has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid (it's as old as I am!! Crazy!!), and honestly it's still classic today. Every time I see it, my appreciation grows more and more because they just don't make them like this anymore.

While I was watching it, I couldn't help but think that EVERY character in the film is funny and makes you laugh at least once. Do you know how really rare that is? I don't know if I could think of another movie that completely accomplishes that feat...but maybe you can in the comments below. Anyway, it was funny because I was watching a very poorly edited version on the plane that changed a lot of the hilarious dialogue so that it was almost unrecognizable! It's kinda funny when you watch t.v. and they do that to films....my favorite was Pineapple Express, where instead of calling people "a-holes", they called them "cash-rolls" or "casseroles" Haha! There were too many in Ferris, but I can't remember them all. The only one I do recall was Jeanie telling Charlie Sheen to "control himself."

Speaking of the character of Jeanie...As I watched the movie, I came to a horrible realization. I am her. She is me. Haha! She's been one of my favorite characters for years, but this time watching it and noticing how short her fuse is and seeing her hilarious attitude towards everything around her, I couldn't help but relate too well. The only other character I've been able to relate with that well in my life has been Merriweather, the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty. Haha! I sure paint an optimistic profile for myself don't I? Ah well, at least I'm honest.

But back to Bueller. This movie seriously makes me laugh so hard. I was mad because I missed one of my favorite sequences because the movie was turned off when the flight left the ground. The part in question? When Cameron and Ferris call up Mr. Rooney and Grace pretends to be him. Basically, anything with Grace in it is gold...or Jeanie. They both crack me up. Also I gotta say, that final scene during the credits with the weirdo girl and the gummy bear always makes me laugh...but as weird as the girl is, the boy on the bus who watches them is just as great. His reactions make that scene. Also, another favorite scene would have to be the snooty waiter, but I missed that one too. So great. "I weep for the future." Also, the classic high school scenes need to be mentioned for their very accurate portrayal of the boredom a student feels day in and day out. Those scenes never fail to make me laugh. And, of course, I always found Ferris' advice regarding school very enlightening.

Now, here are some questions about the film to discuss. Why do you think Jeanie finally stands up for Ferris in the end? You might say that she was finally taking Charlie Sheen's advice, but that doesn't make sense either since she was so determined to get home to screw him over moments before. Is it that she just hates Mr. Rooney more than Ferris? What do you think? Also, it was interesting reading comments from other people about how the movie is much more about Cameron than it is about Ferris. I'd say this is true. The question is, what will happen to Cameron now? Totally unrelated side note, but this time I noticed during the parade scene when Ferris is absent that Sloane and Cameron are holding hands. If I were Ferris I wouldn't be okay with that! But I guess Ferris just doesn't worry about anything.

Anyway regarding Cameron's fate, I found this funny video on youtube:

Some more random thoughts....sorry this is all so scattered, but I gotta say, the Twist and Shout parade scene is one of those special movie moments. Really, just one of those fine moments in cinema. Another classic thing the movie adds to cinema legacy besides great characters and scenes are like I said, definitely quotes. All of the lines are hilarious, but one of my favorites is Ferris' motto: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. That said, once again I'm really thankful for my accidental trip to Chicago last fall. When I watch the movie it always reminds me of the day off I spent there too and how happy I was to stop, look around and witness life. I think I'd have to give this movie a 10!


Laurie & Clint said...

I love this movie! It's truly one of the greats! It just never gets old. And I think that's funny that you relate to Jeannie! She's kinda a sourpuss. Merriweather is much more jovial!

Johanna said...

I can see you in Jeannie. Spoiler alert...the first time I saw the movie I was so, so mad that Jeannie didn't turn him in! I wanted him to get caught. Thinking like a mom.

Favorite line...you know this. When FB asks the garage attendant if he speaks English and the guys responds, "What country do you think this is??" Then FB looks at the camera. Priceless.

It is funny because everyone gets a chance for a laugh, even Sloan who is pretty much the straight man. Love when Rooney is quoting that poem about sorrow or something like that and he says that he would take sorrow. She says, "Great." Wonderful tone. Also love when FB comes to pick her up and kisses her long and hard and Rooney says, "So that's how it is in their family."

Finally....another movie where every character is funny....Raising Arizona.

Johanna said...

Oh, and Cameron does look like Nephi...or Nephi looks like Cameron.

Emily said...

I've always thought that Cameron looks like Nephi too.

Johanna said...

Do you remember when Nephi was little and he would always say, "Ferris Bueller, you're my hero" in that same voice. He was so cute!

Sean Mackay said...

I think you are insane for making me do this.

Sarah said...

You casserole! How did I miss this blog post? You know you're supposed to tell me when you have a new post.

Speaking of edited TV dialogue, I was watching Back to the Future on TV the other day and at the end when Doc is telling Marty that he has to come Back to the Future, Marty said "What, do we become real jerks or something?" "Real jerks" replacing "a-holes." I always find it interesting when they actually think ahead and take the time to film two versions of a scene in order to be TV/airline friendly. Why not either just let it be edited with a voiceover or use a version that will be initially approved by TV/an airline anyway? Can you imagine what a pain it would be to get one scene perfect...but then have to get the scene perfect again with slightly different dialogue? What a pain for the actors.

As for editing, one of the silliest incidents, to me, is at the end of Sixteen Candles where Samantha's sister is passed out because she took too many painkillers for her period and they call it her "monthly bill." I love the comparison of a period to receiving a monthly bill! They are both inescapable frustrations of everyday life! But they completed deleted the reference to both her period and to it being referred to as a "monthly bill." Just silly.

And I just rewatched the part in the movie where Jeannie helps Ferris escape from Rooney's clutches. You know, I'm not quite sure what her motivation is. She is obviously enjoying Ferris being cornered by Rooney. Perhaps she is reveling in his fear at being caught. But then she lets him go. After realizing that her two foes await on the other side of the door, maybe she had already made her pick and she was happily waiting for just the right moment to get Rooney. Maybe it's a combination of the advice from Charlie Sheen's character, the fact that Ferris already had his heart-stopping moment, and the option to make Rooney miserable all in one fell swoop. Maybe she realizes that she actually loves her brother just a little bit...or that she just hates him less than she hates Rooney. I'm not sure. But now I will always wonder!

As for Cameron, his dad sounds like a pretty big jerk. He will probably either get grounded really badly, finally have it out with his dad, or even get kicked out of the house. At any rate, what will ultimately happen is that Cameron will finally break free of the "spell" that his father had him under. He will extricate himself from his father's clutches both mentally/emotionally as well as physically. He will go to college, get married, have kids, and have a great life. :) But then again, since this move was made in the 80's, he already did that! Cameron's kids are in college now!