Would You Just Shut Up Already??

So tonight we watched Batman Begins, a very solid film that has definitely held up very well through the last 6 years. It's a great origin superhero film, with two great villains. Seriously, Scarecrow is so underrated, and, unfortunately, underused (with an unfortunately Boba Fett-like exit...) I always liked the film from the first time I saw it, but my feelings about it have definitely warmed over the years so that it's become one of my favorite superhero films. But one aspect of my opinion has remained unchanged from my initial viewing: how much I hate the character, Rachel Dawes.

Almost every word out of this self-righteous bayntch's mouth (save for when the character was a child..) is condescending and unfeeling. And you think, "well, let's give her the benefit of the doubt...she isn't omniscient like the audience is. She doesn't know he's Batman. I'm sure if she did she'd realize all the good he's doing and what a catch he really is...how much he really does care." and then...he reveals himself and you expect her to have a smile on her face like "yes! I knew he had it in him" or SOMETHING. But instead she just has this blank look on her face. Okay well, she's just shocked, you can't blame her right? I'm sure it will all be resolved in the end.


Bruce Wayne: Rachel I'm sorry I didn't tell you about...
Rachel Dawes: No I'm sorry, the day Chill died I said some terrible things [Okay...she's finally apologizing...this is good..]
Bruce Wayne: But true things [And is instantly absolved for anything she's done wrong...great] I was a coward with a gun, justice is about more than revenge so thank you [And she gets THANKED on top of it??]
Rachel Dawes: I never stopped thinking about you. About us. And when I heard you were back, I-I started to hope.
Rachel Dawes: But then I found out about your mask.
Bruce Wayne: Batman's just a symbol, Rachel.
Rachel Dawes: [Rachel touches Bruce's face] No, *this* is your mask. Your real face is the one that criminals now fear. The man I loved - the man who vanished - he never came back at all. But maybe he's still out there, somewhere. Maybe some day, when Gotham no longer needs Batman, I'll see him again. [WTF!!! You selfish bayntch! So what you're saying is he was too selfish and not good enough for you as Bruce Wayne, but even as Batman, a hero risking everything for everyone in his city, he's still not a man you could love... he's not GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU??? So what, you loved a childhood fantasy then? WTF is your problem? And you HAD to kiss him before this, only to tell him that you didn't want him? What is your logic here?]

Yep. I have strong feelings about this detestable character. Add to the fact that she's unconvincingly played by Katie Holmes. Not the love interest part....but the professional Assistant to the D.A. part. And in the sequel with a switch of actress to Maggie Gyllenhaal she's not any more likable. Though she becomes more believable in the professional aspect, she is less believable in the love interest one....and again, all the while is just so smug that you can't help but wonder why Bruce even bothers. And SPOILER ALERT, I couldn't be happier when the Joker offed her. Thanks for that!

It leads me to ponder other really annoying characters in movies or television that I just can't handle. My favorite love to hate would probably be Lana Lang who was basically everything Rachel Dawes was....but for much more screen time...and with a lot more negative effects on the hero. I've also mentioned my hatred for Clara Clayton in BTTF 3 in a previous blog, but she's worth noting again. Michael Scott became unbearable in The Office. I was never crazy about Kitty in Arrested Development. And of course....there's Jar Jar who is probably the king of all....but I tend to lay off the Star Wars bashing :) That's all I can think of at the moment, but who are some of your least favorite characters in any medium, that almost derail from your enjoyment of an otherwise good thing?


Ally said...

I share your frustration with Katie Holmes/Rachel Dawes :)

Johanna said...

I'm really old, but even as a child I could not stand Don Knotts in anything; but especially in the Andy Griffith show.

I second the Michael Scott thing. He just go so painful to watch. It actually did derail my enjoyment of watching. Now I couldn't even stand him in Dinner With Schmucks.

I'll have to think of some more.

Sarah said...

I'll have to brainstorm some more about characters that I find irritating. One character that comes to mind is Butterfly McQueen's character, Prissy, in Gone with the Wind. Now, I mean no offense to African Americans out there. It has nothing to do with her race. Mammy (played by Hattie McDaniel) is amazing. She does a great job with her role. She is reproving and tough...yet tender-hearted and loving. But Prissy just makes you want to stick your fingers in your ears and scream so that you can't hear her.

When she is boasting about how she can help Scarlett deliver Melanie's baby, she is so smug...and then later when you find out that she was lying and she says (in a super high-pitched, whiny voice) "I don't know nuthin' about birthin' babies!" You almost can't blame Scarlett for smacking her (though we all know physical abuse is never justified).

Then, Scarlett sends Prissy to get Rhett for a wagon to get them out of harm's way and Prissy just meanders through the streets taking three times as long to get where she needs to go...and then SHE claims that she delivered Melanie's baby...you start to think that maybe a little physical abuse might do her some good. She's that irritating.

The funny thing is that a lot of characters that Jeremiah hates are characters that I think are quite funny. For instance, he can't stand Kate Capshaw's character "Willie" in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (actually, I know a lot of people feel this way about her)...but I think she's hilarious!

I'll have to keep a list of the characters that Jeremiah hates but I love. That would be an interesting list!

Unknown said...

The character I couldn't stand was Nightcrawler in X2, which is so sad because Nightcrawler is my favorite character in the Marvel Universe. Comic book Nightcrawler is so fun, clever and has a real spiritual and loving heart. While X2 Nightcrawler was so whiny and wimpy; a real milquetoast. Other than the cool effects of him popping in and out all over, I really did not enjoy him on the screen at all.