I finally hit a milestone I've been anticipating for quite some time. 5,000 views to my blog. Hooray! I'm seriously so excited! We we so excited! And sorry I can't resist, but I think spazzing out gifs are funny, so here's some people who are excited too.

Hopefully, it will be at 10,000 in no time! I really love writing this blog and I hope everyone out there enjoys reading it. After seeing its growth on my stats bar, I know it's not just my immediate friends and family who are reading it, so thanks to all you lurkers out there! I invite you to comment at any time! I'd love to hear all about who you are and what brought you to my blog...and your thoughts on my thoughts! I love movies, and I love adventures so I know that this blog has endless material that's all coming from my crazy brain. But anyway, thank you all for reading. I've hoped you have enjoyed so far and I hope you all stick around!


Johanna said...

This made me laugh!

Sarah said...

Ha ha! Those are silly spaz-out videos.

Congrats on getting so many blog views. Our family food blog is inching up there (nowhere near as fast as yours). We're at over 3,000 views now. :)