Something Awful

So I gotta say, deciding on a title for this blog was difficult because there were just so many fitting options: "Something Stupid," "Something Unlikable," "Something Detestable" I could go on and on to describe the mess I saw this weekend. I'm referring of course to the latest offering in the rom-com genre: the soap opera-esque Something Borrowed. Actually a better title to the film would be Very Stupid, Unlikable People and the Charming John Krasinski.

I saw the preview for the film a few months ago and knew it would most likely be a formulaic silly rom-com. However, I thought "Ginnifer Goodwin is so likable! Her love interest is....extremely attractive," and then you've got John Krasinski in a supporting role (and you all know my feelings about him..) So I reasoned with all that in its favor, though it was bound to be predictable and cliched, I still thought it would be enjoyable and likable (I was wary of Kate Hudson from the start though, so at least I got that part right.) But boy was I wrong in thinking that!

Now, in the last post I talked about unspeakably bad movies. In the Elvis movie, my mind was numb and felt the need to explode because it was so DUMB! Dumb in a boring, boorish, uninvolved and ridiculous way. Something Borrowed is a completely different breed of dumb movie. It's a movie where all the characters in it (minus John Krasinski's Ethan of course) are not only dumb, but downright detestable.

It's not even really worth it to get into the plot. Watching the trailer is all you need to know in regard to what it's about...but what it doesn't show you is how spineless the two leads are. It was to be expected that Kate Hudson's character would be self-involved and unlikable as to excuse the behavior of the two leads (and she really is pretty freaking annoying), but when it comes down to it...cheating is cheating. But neither of the lead characters are strong enough to change the situation and make things right, so instead we have to suffer through a very shallow romance of the two wussiest people ever. And all the while, the only voice of reason who is strong enough to say anything is my beloved.

Now....here be spoilers, but honestly you might as well read them because do you really want to see this movie anyway? The problem with a movie like this is you cannot show a perfectly good second option such as Krasinski (who IS intelligent, funny, loyal and willing to stand up for Ginnifer Goodwin's Rachel) when your first option Dex, though incredibly attractive is a weak, pathetic coward and then have the girl choose the lesser option. Yes, I realize that if the contest were just "who would you rather make out with?" I probably would pick option one, but if it is to end up with? Come on. KRASINSKI WINS EVERY TIME!!!

When Krasinski's Ethan finally reveals his feelings for Rachel after she comes to him for comfort when man candy Dex tells her he can't choose her, she gives Ethan this "I'm sorry but don't be stupid...I'd still pick the jerk over you" smile...I knew they deserved each other. And so she goes back and it turns out they called off the wedding and then she and the wimp jerk live happily ever after. And John Krasinski ends up alone. Had the role of Ethan just been instead another girl friend (without feelings obviously) pointing out the same things Ethan did, the film would have been a lot more tolerable (but probably still awful.) You just can't bring in a perfect character and crap all over them for the sake of a terrible one. Well, I guess you can...but it won't endear you to any audience....any smart audience....well me anyway! And that's not even getting into the crap that Kate Hudson's separate storyline brings in...

What the film SHOULD have been about is John Krasinski's character moving to London to get over this awful girl when who should he meet there on holiday than a lovely brunette named Emily. I know how he loves those brunette Emilys! :) That would be Something Wonderful


Laurie & Clint said...

Sounds terrible! I can't waif to see if

Mom said...

I would so go see that sequel!

Sarah said...

From all of the reviews I read, every reviewer agreed with you that the movie was crap but John Krasinski was awesome.

Now, we just need to get a GOOD romantic comedy for John Krasinski to star in (because even though I didn't see it, I'll bet that the film he did with Mandy Moore and Robin Williams was not that good romantic comedy I spoke of...blech!).

Laura said...

Haha I love the last paragraph :) Why didn't you tell us how you really felt about this movie?? I agree though, John was the best part about that movie!

Laurie & Clint said...

Ugh that movie was a piece of poo!