Movie Crushes: I choose you...Aladdin!

So awhile back I was in the need for some major cinematic catharsis. Of course, what else would I turn to but my favorite (500) Days of Summer?

The next morning I was up to my usual "Would you rather?" ways (a game that I happen to find very psychologically telling) and I began posing Anna some very serious questions. Would you rather be married to Lloyd Dobler or Joel from Eternal Sunshine? "Lloyd." Lloyd or (fill in the blank..I tried all of the male leads of her favorite movies) "Lloyd." Lloyd or....? Lloyd, she kept saying every time! Somehow he just won every time. So finally I put him up against my precious..: "Lloyd vs. Tom (5dos)?" And would you believe it? She picked Lloyd again. I was shocked. She said that Tom was too whiny and self-indulgent (don't even get me started on that Anna....besides hello some jerk girl just broke his heart! He was only that way while grieving, give the guy a break!)

So I said "So basically if you had the choice of any movie character in the world to marry it would be him?" She answered in the affirmative and was very loyal to her choice. Until the next week, I reminded her of the existence of Ewan McGregor's character Christian in Moulin Rouge! So much for her commitment! So with that conversation and thinking about how awesome it'd be just to be with a perfect movie man I was reminded of the fantastic line (and overall plot honestly) in The Purple Rose of Cairo "I just met a wonderful new man. He's fictional, but you can't have everything"

Who is my pick? Well obviously I gave myself away earlier in the blog....so instead I will first give you a brief crush history. It all began with Benny the Jet Rodriguez. I still even love him to this day. Then in '99 my Star Wars fan fate was sealed as I fell in love with Ewan McGregor. 3 years later in the sequel when he grew a beard and a mullet I transferred my affections on over to Hayden :) And of course around the same time I developed a liking for Clark Kents (mostly in the vein of Smallville...but all soon became more than acceptable to me). Also for good measure I'll mention my favorite old timey crush would definitely be James Garner. Oh and Disney animated crush Prince Phillip and Hercules.

Then in my college years I found my real true fictional love(s). The first came in the year 2006 when I fell for one Jim Halpert. He's just got it all. Seriously. What a charmer. So hilarious and sincere. But it was not meant to be. There was another girl in his life who he'd always love more (and now they're happily married.) So yes....it would have to be Tom Hansen. He's certainly not attached to anyone! I would gladly pick up the pieces to his broken heart and empathize with the struggles he's been through. And I'd appreciate how great he is. Seriously, look how great he is (and who wouldn't want to play house with him in ikea?):

Oh, wait. They're all fictional. DANG IT. Ah well...if only the plot of The Purple Rose of Cairo would happen to me and Tom Hansen...or maybe I didn't really get the point of that movie if I'm saying that. Haha! So... to keep it real I'll leave off with a choice quote from (500) Days of Summer to directly counter the great one from Purple Rose of Cairo. "I think, technically, the ‘girl of my dreams’ would probably have, like, a really bodacious rack, you know? Maybe different hair, uh, she’d probably be a little more into sports, but uhm, truthfully, Robin’s better than the girl of my dreams… She’s real."

So here's to meeting the real people...so long as I don't blow the fantastic meet cute chances when I get them like I did the other day :)

So who are yours? I know that Laurie's would have to involve Johnny Depp. She'd even take him at any weird/grotesque state!


Laurie & Clint said...

why didn't you put the picture of johnny from chocolate? that is my favorite. And if you like Tom so much why wouldn't you watch that movie with me last week? And you can't steal prince phillip, he was my crush first

Joey said...

Well, my very first was Rhett Butler. I loved that he loved Scarlett in spite of her being a brat. That appealed to me.

And you know about Dick Van Dyke/Rob Petrie. I want someone to hold me when I cry the way he would hold Laura.

Finally.....yes.....you know.....Cary Grant in just about anything. Yeah, yeah.

Lastly, one you didn't know about. Gregory Peck/Atticus Finch was one of my early crushes and continues to deserve my ardor. He's got it all looks, deep resounding voice, caring father, bravery, and best of all integrity.

Laurie & Clint said...

mom, we all knew about Atticus Finch. You can't pull any surprises on us.

Sarah said...

I myself liked Benny the Jet Rodriguez from The Sandlot. I definitely agree with your assessment of James Garner (c-u-t-e). I was always a huge fan of Steve McQueen. As for To Kill a Mockingbird, when I first saw it, I was too young to have a crush on Atticus, but I definitely thought Jem was a cutie! And Laurie's right, Mom, we all knew you liked Gregory Peck.

I used to say I was looking for my SuperOogieGilbertPaul O'Connell (Super=Superman aka Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain fame, Oogie=Ogden from A Date with Judy, Gilbert=Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables...OF COURSE!, Paul=Paul Gilmarten who hosted TBS' Dinner and a Movie...I just thought he was so funny!, and finally O'Connell=Brendan Fraser's character in the Mummy movies).

But I've already blogged about my movie crushes. And as you know, I had way too many! I was such a romantic teenager! :)

Sarah said...

Wait, did you have a crush on Aladdin?

Unknown said...

My Disney crush would be The Beast after transformation when Robby Benson's voice would ring out so sweet and warm, okay, Robby Benson would have been listed as one of my movie crushes. He was so supportive in Ice Castles.