Down In Front!! The Theater Experience

As I've probably mentioned before, I just so happen to be a big fan of seeing movies in the dollar theaters. I usually will have the desire to see almost any movie in existence, but sometimes I either just don't get around to it or I can't be bothered paying $8-9 on what likely turns out to be a mediocre movie (obviously this doesn't always deter me...for example simply read my post on The Back-up Plan.) When I opt to watch movies in the Provo dollar theaters this can often be a big mistake. Why? Because the audiences in that town can be so dang annoying (especially when watching rom-coms.)

Below are some of the most recent examples of some ill-behaved audiences. If you have found yourself guilty of behavior like this, shame on you!

Recently I saw Killers in the $ theaters...a fine silly action/romantic comedy, but oh goodness the audience was just so darn annoying (and I was even at the Sandy $ theater too!) There were many: OMG's!!! Ooooooh's! and Ow Ow's!!! Everyone was freaking out over everything, and I just couldn't figure out for the life of me why. (I mean....I did freak out at seeing the glorious locations of Nice, France and it only made me more excited to visit that country...just look at the freaking picture) How is it that so many stupid, annoying people can congregate together by chance (and perhaps more frighteningly, what does that say about me that I'm with them??) What is the factor drawing these people? Is it location? Price? Content?

You might be tempted to say "You get what you pay for.." but that's not necessarily true either. The truth is you run into these stupid audiences everywhere. Even seeing Inception for the first time there was a group of annoying teens cracking up randomly during incredibly serious scenes. In the case of that, the film was more powerful and I still remained captivated by the film albeit momentarily annoyed. But in other cases sometimes the audience experience is what comes to define your experience with the film as a whole.

One such experience was when I saw Elizabethtown in the regular theaters. A group of girls somewhere between the ages of 12-15 sat behind me and I was delighted (please note my sarcasm) to hear such loud commentary from them throughout the entire film such as "OMG!! Kirsten Dunst is so cute!! Seriously She's so adorable!" and "Orlando Bloom is so hot!" That experience was pretty awful and colored the movie for me...I hardly remember anything about it but those annoying girls. But it has only happened once that I was so annoyed by someone in the audience where I decided to take action. The movie? The very dumb movie The Astronaut Farmer starring Billy Bob Thornton. I bet you don't even remember it...well that's because it was so dumb. Nevertheless, I still usually like to give my attention to a movie if I'm trapped there (except for when I saw Hidalgo...so bored I was counting ceiling tiles.) And call me crazy but I didn't really like some obnoxious 13-year-old boy kicking my chair and talking loudly. So I turned around and told the snot nosed brat off "Would you please pipe down!!??" It worked okay...but the kid still would have his moments (granted there were far less of them because of my outburst..)

But I hate to give up the theater experience. Honestly, it's probably my favorite hobby, so I'll always take my chances. However, there are some decent alternatives.. Empty matinees are always good (but kind of sad too...because when your audience is good and you're all on the same page then it makes the movie more fun) Drive-ins are a fun too because then the audience is solely who you're with inside your car and that becomes the experience. Then one of the most magnificent viewing options are home theaters. My dad has one in Texas, and soon his house in Salt Lake too. Watching movies that way is simply glorious. The sound system is great...and like a drive in you can bring in any food you want, but the seating is comfier! However, I could never wait til all new releases to watch every movie in that style. Besides...when the audience is just right, theaters are my favorite way to view a film!


Joey said...

I really don't care if I see it in a theater or not, but I'm not as passionate as you are. My broken up viewing of every movie would drive you crazy and I'm sure I miss major experiences that way.

Amelia said...

The worst is when people continually "awwww" through a sentimental scene. Not just at the beginning. Or the end. The whole time. But I could never give up theaters either :)

Sarah said...

Is that a picture of Dad's theater? I've never seen it, but if it is...awesome!

I agree with you about matinees. It is much more mellow...especially if it's the first show of the day.

I got to share one of my most irritating theater moments with you...when we went to see King Kong. I know you remember that little kid who was asking his dad questions during the whole thing. "Golly gee willickers, dad, did that guy just die?"

Unknown said...

Two times I had to react to annoying movie goers. The first time was a family, mom, dad, and three kids form 9 to 3. They were loud and the kids were constantly moving that I finally turned around a claimed in a forceful voice "This is NOT your living room. " It worked. The second was a man (who should have known better) who wouldn't shut off his D**n cell phone. I finally opened my phone and placed the glowing object just right of his shoulder. He shut his off after that. ;P