Blockbuster Roundup

Lest you think that all I'm watching these days are chick films, I thought I should probably give an update on the big movies in the summer movie season so far. I have seen Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, and Prince of Persia and thought about writing blogs about each (and with Robin Hood I even started one.) But for some reason, couldn't really focus enough energy to write anything on them individually. I think that alone clearly sums up my feelings that they were all just rather: Meh.
The first Iron Man is a great superhero film. It was very well-made and was equal parts action and humor (a great formula.) It also featured a nice plot that wasn't too convoluted. The sequel, on the other hand, had its moments of great action and humor, but I think were ultimately too few and far between for me. I found myself bored with a lot of it, but it's possible I wasn't focused enough on the film when I saw it, so maybe I should see it again. All I know is that it wasn't demanding my attention, so I didn't really give it away. I thought this when I saw Transformers 2 last summer and noticed how much my mind wandered. I know the audience has a role in trying to engage themselves in a film...but they shouldn't be expected to do all the work...the film should do its part in being good and entertaining enough to keep its audience interested. For whatever reason, Iron Man 2 didn't do it for me. But maybe I should see it again.

Now onto Robin Hood. This was one of my most anticipated films of the year/summer, so the fact that it didn't live up to expectations was pretty disappointing. This was definitely a film with a lot of potential to focus on characters who already have a rich mythology but ended up feeling like a movie with nice moments (again when it focused on its characters,) but somehow generic overall. If only it had tighter editing I might have been a little more excited for the climactic battle scene at the end, instead of thinking to myself "oh great I've got to sit through this now before it ends." This is where length becomes very key to a film's success. It should feel like a fun adventure we want to take with the characters, not something we have to just sit through and witness. One thing that kept me somewhat entertained with Robin Hood was playing "spot the actor" or "where have I seen that guy before.." Well for starters, Little John was a guy commonly seen in Lost, Friar Tuck was the Dad in Still Standing (!? Really?? haha) and the Sheriff of Nottingham was Matthew Macfadyen (better known as Mr. Darcy to the ladies.) And let me tell you, Darcy, never looked uglier! Haha, I couldn't even believe it was the same man. I think a sequel could be good though because I really did enjoy Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett in their roles.

Prince of Persia is the last summer blockbuster I've seen. I definitely had no desire to see Shrek 4, and haven't gotten around to Killers (though I wouldn't really call that a blockbuster..but anyways.. I think it would be a solid dollar movie) From the lot, it was definitely the most entertaining, but still pretty forgettable/bland. I felt like there were one too many obstacles going on in it and you come to a point where it was kind of like "enough already." I think a sequel could be fun though if they were to write the banter between the leads better.

So far then it's been a pretty mediocre summer as far as films go, but I'm hoping the ray of light comes in the form of Inception. This movie looks absolutely spectacular. Christopher Nolan is a fantastic director and I've loved everything I've ever seen from him (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Memento are some great examples of filmmaking! I still need to see Insomnia though.) Inception also boasts a top-rate cast featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine. How can you go wrong there? Every trailer and t.v. spot I've seen for this movie absolutely blow me away, so I pretty much have sky-high expectations for it. Hopefully, it's as good as I'm hoping!


Joey said...

You know how I am about blockbusters. I'm just glad that Niel takes his boys to see these.

Laurie & Clint said...

Blockbusters are not my cup of tea. They are the equivalent of a Thomas Kinkaid painting. ha ha. that a little exago, but you get my drift. And Mr Darcy looks like poo

Sarah said...

I enjoy summer blockbusters. They are all basically popcorn movies. Light entertainment. I am currently enjoying last summer's blockbusters via my local library! Ha ha! Being a mom of a one-year-old doesn't allow me to get out and see all of the movies I would like to! So, next summer, I'll check out the movies you just reviewed! Ha!

Amelia said...

I'm sad you found Prince of Persia so bland. I've been excited for that to come out! I'm still going to see it though...if I ever manage to make it to a movie theater,lol. The only movie I've seen so far this summer is Iron Man 2.