To Be Concluded

All right. Finally, after much delay, I will conclude my thoughts on the Back to the Future trilogy by reviewing Back to the Future III. First off, I gotta say that ever since I was young, this film has always been the least interesting of the trilogy for me. Seeing the 50's and "the future" was simply amazing. The idea of an alternate 80's was pretty cool too. But the wild west... eh... somehow I feel like there must have been somewhere cooler to go. But hey that probably has something to do with the fact that I'm not totally crazy for the genre of westerns.

Anyway though, I thought I might feel different about it now as I'm older and more experienced/educated (me? haha yeah right.)

So what did I find revisiting the third film? Eh....well...I found that I hold pretty much the same opinion now as I did then. What can I say? I was a smart little girl. That's not to say that the third movie isn't fun-- after all, the movie does have the same characters with similar adventures...so how can we not have some fun? So generally I would say, we do have a good time touring the wild west with Marty McFly (I mean...when do we not enjoy the time we spend with Marty?) But even with the new setting, it still feels a little too familiar (even though that is sort of one of the inside jokes of the series, that we constantly see history repeating itself regardless of the period....it still might be nice if some of the plot lines varied a little more.) But as always, the final action sequence is particularly suspenseful, fun and thrilling.

But what really doesn't work for me in this movie is the inclusion of the character Clara Clayton. For me, her numerous scenes easily make this the weakest of the bunch. Honestly, she's just really annoying. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Growing up, I know my older brother Nephi also had a problem with her. I remember the young Nephi saying things like "she ruined the trilogy by coming between the relationship of Doc and Marty." and "It's her fault there aren't any more sequels."As fate would have it, when Nephi and Shandie were recently having difficulty naming their daughter, the name Clara was one of two names that Shandie would agree to. But Nephi told my mom that he just couldn't name her Clara because of Clara Clayton. hehe. And sure enough now I have a niece named Mckinlie.

One of the other things to note that I had never observed before is the cameo appearance of Marty's sister Linda in the end. Now remember, this movie is supposed to take place within a day (or less) of the original film. But Linda looks like she's gained....a significant amount of weight. I guess they changed something in the past that caused his sister's future to be one that caused her to be heavier? I looked her up on IMDB, and she's actually passed away now. That's too bad.

So finally, to conclude my thoughts on the trilogy as a whole, I do think it's one of the better trilogies out there. The first film is flawless and one of my favorite films of all time. The sequels are inferior, but they're still solidly fun and entertaining in their own right (and because they have the help of some pretty awesome characters in making them just a little more special than your average action adventure.) The third film resolves the story well enough (though perhaps not to the complete satisfaction of Nephi) and the series has been able to rest in dignity. Let's just pray they don't reboot it.

Two random thoughts: 1- that song played at the dance just gets in your head like crazy. 2- I found this picture on the net. I wish I had made a thousand copies and handed them out on campus on April Fool's Day.


Johanna said...

The problem I had was that his great grandfather married someone who looked just like his mother. How did that happen?

I had never thought about the inside joke being that history repeats itself. Good insight.

Michelle said...

I loved - sooo much - this movie. My favorite part of the entire movie, which I have rewound and watched many times, is the part where they are all at the hoe-down and the band plays that super catchy song and they spin their instruments around! My room mate watched this movie last night and I have had that song stuck in my head since. I love love love that song. In fact I am dancing in my seat to it now. My favorites from the trilogy have always been the first and third.

Emily said...

Haha don't get me thinking about that dang song! I think their reasoning was that McFlys all have similar taste in women...no matter the generation.

Sarah said...

Ha! Now I have that song on my mind too. I'll be singing it to Pete all day long (once he wakes up from his nap, that is).

I think that would have been funny if you had handed out that flier on campus. You had some awesome April Fools' Day ideas. You should do them next year!

I completely agree with your review of Back to the Future III and the entire trilogy.

Amelia said...

I agree. No reboots!!

Laurie & Clint said...

I agree that song is very catchy. Clint and I both have been whistling it.
now the one thing to consider is that the time machine was only visiting the history of hill valley, so seeing that they already visited the future and the recent past, there really wasn't much more to visit.