Movie Themed MASHBOT

When I get bored (and when I have a pen and paper handy,) I revert back to the games that elementary aged girls do to entertain themselves. I blame this on my brother Clayton who showed me how entertaining the game of MASH can be when you have the right categories and options. His version is called MASHBOT. With B standing for Barn, O for Outhouse, T for a trailer. [Totally reformatting this blog 2 years later and just awwing over the fact they get to live in Paris. :) ]

A couple years back after I got bored using the same old prospects (because sadly I get bored A LOT,) I came up with the idea to do movie themed MASHBOTs. I'd pretty much play it all the time at church every Sunday with my roommates Anna and Andrea, and my favorite thing was that Andy would inherit the worst life possible every theme, particularly because she always got the worst spouse. With Star Wars MASHBOT, she got Jabba (though I don't know, maybe being married to Jar Jar would be worse,) Lord of the Rings - Gimli. Harry Potter - Hagrid, etc. We also did Johnny Depp, Jane Austen, Seinfeld editions as well (did Andy get Willy Wonka, Mr. Collins, and Newman also? I forget but hope so.) She certainly has a type... haha I jest!

So anyway on Sunday, in honor of our recent completion of the Back to the Future series (which don't worry, I will post my thoughts on the sequels soon...and you should be excited...its good stuff) Anna and I brought back the movie themed MASHBOT by trying our fortunes with life in the Back to the Future universe.

So how did we fare? Anna had a much cooler life than me. In fact...my life was basically that of Lorraine McFly. I reside in the 1980's, married to George McFly and mother of 3. I die as a result of a plastic surgery gone awry. I even have the figure of 1980's Lorraine. I guess it was "density"? Anna though? She resides in 1955, driving a cool 50's car, married to Billy Zane. With her husband, they adopted the young Elijah Wood as seen in Back to the Future II. She died in prison...probably as a result of being married to one of Biff's cronies. I wish I had married 1950's Biff. But at least I didn't get Biff from 2015...yikes. Another great option for guys' spouses would be Biff's grandma.


You can play online here: http://www.espin.com/mash-game.php

But when playing on paper and using the movie theme in mind, here's some good categories to include: Spouse, Live, Pet, Children, $, Career, Body Type, Cause of Death....to name a few.


Sarah said...

I can totally see you doing this during boring classes. I used to play the dot game when I was bored (you know, where the whole page is covered in dots and you play with an opponent and create lines and eventually squares, and whoever gets the most squares wins).

Your bored game is definitely much more varied than mine!

Sarah said...

Oh, and that Gimli is HOT!...

Just kidding. Even he would agree that he isn't hot.

Laurie & Clint said...

why did you want to marry 1950's Biff?

Emily said...

He's taller than Marty.

Michelle said...

I love so much about the things you choose to be :)