And The Mayhem Begins!

In my life, there have been a few times when something has happened that directly imitated an iconic film moment, or perhaps even the plot of the film itself. And usually, I revel in these instances (like when I saw a yellow VW wagon cruising the freeway whilst listening to Sufjan Steven's Chicago like in Little Miss Sunshine, or recently walking to school in a very very good mood, listening to Hall & Oates' You Make My Dreams Come True and the sprinklers went off just as I walked by akin to (500) Days of Summer. Well, as I'm sure you're all aware, this past week I set out on an adventure hoping to find something along the lines of Eat, Pray, Love except less long and boring! What I got instead (as far as what happened Wednesday and Thursday anyway) was more like a weird cross between Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

What do I mean? Well, I had the traveling experience of a lifetime, in a good and bad way. Other than a brief flight to Texas for Thanksgiving (in which I later discovered my step-brother was on the same plane,) I had never flown by myself before...so I was never really the one in charge of looking after myself, and making sure that I was on time and such. So, I was pretty darned nervous for the journey to Paris (among other reasons...) The first flight, from Salt Lake to Chicago went pretty smoothly. But once the plane landed...that's when everything went crazy!

Not unlike this.

First off, they took us right from the plane, and onto the runway. No entry right into the terminal like usual, so I was so confused. Then I looked at the time and realized my flight was boarding in 15 minutes and the ticket didn't tell me what terminal to go to. I asked a lady only to find it was on the complete opposite side of the airport in which I had to take a shuttle to get to! I felt like I was waiting on that forever, and since I have my mother's paranoia I was freaking out a little. Finally, I get on the shuttle and drive by the terminal. I observe "Oh good! The plane isn't even there yet! I have plenty of time!" Haha, well I have now learned why that is not a good sign!

Turns out, the plane was delayed an hour, and I only had an hour layover between the connecting flight after that one. So I was pretty nervous I wasn't going to make it. I called the BYU Travel Agency to see what I should do, they told me to talk to the airline themselves so I wouldn't get a penalty fee. Long story short, I waited in the longest line ever, twice, to be told to take my chances and get on the flight that had now been delayed 2 hours (They assured me D.C. would take care of me if I didn't make the flight, but it was possible I could because they could make the time up in the air and the plane could be held if they knew that this one was late.)

When I finally got on the plane, everything appeared to be going well and I started hoping that everything would work out and maybe there was a chance I could possibly make it. But twenty minutes in the pilot came on with an announcement. "Hello, this is your pilot speaking! We're gonna have to turn around and go back to Chicago...we're not feeling comfortable with the engines." Haha, I was like "WHAT????" and simultaneously, "haha, of course, not a surprise at all something this ridiculous would happen." All the people on the plane freaked out too. That was their connecting flight to European destinations too. One couple was on their way to a cruise and they were afraid they were going to miss the boat. Another lady had a funeral to get to. The lady next to me had a business conference. So I had to wait in ANOTHER line to get this mess sorted out. The result? They put me up in a hotel in Chicago, gave me a meal voucher and rescheduled my flight for the next day at 6 PM. PM!!! It was a straight shot to Paris this time which would be good, but would make me a day later than everyone else. The lady who rescheduled me said, "Ah well go see Chicago!" And I thought, "Why not? I've always wanted to see this city very much." So with the aid of my cell phone, and my sister Laurie on the other end of it I had one of the best days of my life the next day.

That night though, I went to the hotel restaurant to use my voucher (which I of course, left in the bathroom so I paid for it myself anyway..) and the guy asked me how many there'd be, I said "Just me." Haha, the guy must have thought I was way depressed because when he brought me the menus he told me as he handed me the drink menu, "Here perhaps is the more important menu!" Haha! After that, I relaxed a bit in the hotel and contemplated chickening out of seeing Chicago at all. But Laurie would have none of that.

So the next morning I had my very own Ferris Bueller's Day Off except without the love interest and best friend tagging along and set to the sounds of Sufjan Stevens in my iPod. The day couldn't have been more beautiful. It was sunny and warm. I felt empowered, alive and free. I loved every moment. I wish I could upload all of the wonderful pictures I took, but I only sent 3 to my email...the rest I cannot access since I don't have service over here in Europe. I'll just have to post them all in December. I did so much! I went on top of the Sear's Tower (now known as Willis Tower), saw Lake Michigan, explored the parks, ate lunch at A Corner Bakery, and also browsed the Art Institute in search of Cameron Fry's favorite painting. It was a serendipitous day; a journey of self-discovery! A great movie if I had found love, but certainly better anyway to me. It was seriously, fantastic. The days that followed have been full of more adjustments and emotions, but I wanted to write about my day in Chicago while it was still fresh, I definitely don't want it to be forgotten in the midst of all of this Europe business because it was one of my favorite experiences in my life. I'll always have a special place in my heart for that city.

Here's google image's take on some of the things I saw (except the pictures of the hotel and Sears tower I took), I'll post the actual pics I took when I can.


Movie Crushes: I choose you...Aladdin!

So awhile back I was in the need for some major cinematic catharsis. Of course, what else would I turn to but my favorite (500) Days of Summer?

The next morning I was up to my usual "Would you rather?" ways (a game that I happen to find very psychologically telling) and I began posing Anna some very serious questions. Would you rather be married to Lloyd Dobler or Joel from Eternal Sunshine? "Lloyd." Lloyd or (fill in the blank..I tried all of the male leads of her favorite movies) "Lloyd." Lloyd or....? Lloyd, she kept saying every time! Somehow he just won every time. So finally I put him up against my precious..: "Lloyd vs. Tom (5dos)?" And would you believe it? She picked Lloyd again. I was shocked. She said that Tom was too whiny and self-indulgent (don't even get me started on that Anna....besides hello some jerk girl just broke his heart! He was only that way while grieving, give the guy a break!)

So I said "So basically if you had the choice of any movie character in the world to marry it would be him?" She answered in the affirmative and was very loyal to her choice. Until the next week, I reminded her of the existence of Ewan McGregor's character Christian in Moulin Rouge! So much for her commitment! So with that conversation and thinking about how awesome it'd be just to be with a perfect movie man I was reminded of the fantastic line (and overall plot honestly) in The Purple Rose of Cairo "I just met a wonderful new man. He's fictional, but you can't have everything"

Who is my pick? Well obviously I gave myself away earlier in the blog....so instead I will first give you a brief crush history. It all began with Benny the Jet Rodriguez. I still even love him to this day. Then in '99 my Star Wars fan fate was sealed as I fell in love with Ewan McGregor. 3 years later in the sequel when he grew a beard and a mullet I transferred my affections on over to Hayden :) And of course around the same time I developed a liking for Clark Kents (mostly in the vein of Smallville...but all soon became more than acceptable to me). Also for good measure I'll mention my favorite old timey crush would definitely be James Garner. Oh and Disney animated crush Prince Phillip and Hercules.

Then in my college years I found my real true fictional love(s). The first came in the year 2006 when I fell for one Jim Halpert. He's just got it all. Seriously. What a charmer. So hilarious and sincere. But it was not meant to be. There was another girl in his life who he'd always love more (and now they're happily married.) So yes....it would have to be Tom Hansen. He's certainly not attached to anyone! I would gladly pick up the pieces to his broken heart and empathize with the struggles he's been through. And I'd appreciate how great he is. Seriously, look how great he is (and who wouldn't want to play house with him in ikea?):

Oh, wait. They're all fictional. DANG IT. Ah well...if only the plot of The Purple Rose of Cairo would happen to me and Tom Hansen...or maybe I didn't really get the point of that movie if I'm saying that. Haha! So... to keep it real I'll leave off with a choice quote from (500) Days of Summer to directly counter the great one from Purple Rose of Cairo. "I think, technically, the ‘girl of my dreams’ would probably have, like, a really bodacious rack, you know? Maybe different hair, uh, she’d probably be a little more into sports, but uhm, truthfully, Robin’s better than the girl of my dreams… She’s real."

So here's to meeting the real people...so long as I don't blow the fantastic meet cute chances when I get them like I did the other day :)

So who are yours? I know that Laurie's would have to involve Johnny Depp. She'd even take him at any weird/grotesque state!


Down In Front!! The Theater Experience

As I've probably mentioned before, I just so happen to be a big fan of seeing movies in the dollar theaters. I usually will have the desire to see almost any movie in existence, but sometimes I either just don't get around to it or I can't be bothered paying $8-9 on what likely turns out to be a mediocre movie (obviously this doesn't always deter me...for example simply read my post on The Back-up Plan.) When I opt to watch movies in the Provo dollar theaters this can often be a big mistake. Why? Because the audiences in that town can be so dang annoying (especially when watching rom-coms.)

Below are some of the most recent examples of some ill-behaved audiences. If you have found yourself guilty of behavior like this, shame on you!

Recently I saw Killers in the $ theaters...a fine silly action/romantic comedy, but oh goodness the audience was just so darn annoying (and I was even at the Sandy $ theater too!) There were many: OMG's!!! Ooooooh's! and Ow Ow's!!! Everyone was freaking out over everything, and I just couldn't figure out for the life of me why. (I mean....I did freak out at seeing the glorious locations of Nice, France and it only made me more excited to visit that country...just look at the freaking picture) How is it that so many stupid, annoying people can congregate together by chance (and perhaps more frighteningly, what does that say about me that I'm with them??) What is the factor drawing these people? Is it location? Price? Content?

You might be tempted to say "You get what you pay for.." but that's not necessarily true either. The truth is you run into these stupid audiences everywhere. Even seeing Inception for the first time there was a group of annoying teens cracking up randomly during incredibly serious scenes. In the case of that, the film was more powerful and I still remained captivated by the film albeit momentarily annoyed. But in other cases sometimes the audience experience is what comes to define your experience with the film as a whole.

One such experience was when I saw Elizabethtown in the regular theaters. A group of girls somewhere between the ages of 12-15 sat behind me and I was delighted (please note my sarcasm) to hear such loud commentary from them throughout the entire film such as "OMG!! Kirsten Dunst is so cute!! Seriously She's so adorable!" and "Orlando Bloom is so hot!" That experience was pretty awful and colored the movie for me...I hardly remember anything about it but those annoying girls. But it has only happened once that I was so annoyed by someone in the audience where I decided to take action. The movie? The very dumb movie The Astronaut Farmer starring Billy Bob Thornton. I bet you don't even remember it...well that's because it was so dumb. Nevertheless, I still usually like to give my attention to a movie if I'm trapped there (except for when I saw Hidalgo...so bored I was counting ceiling tiles.) And call me crazy but I didn't really like some obnoxious 13-year-old boy kicking my chair and talking loudly. So I turned around and told the snot nosed brat off "Would you please pipe down!!??" It worked okay...but the kid still would have his moments (granted there were far less of them because of my outburst..)

But I hate to give up the theater experience. Honestly, it's probably my favorite hobby, so I'll always take my chances. However, there are some decent alternatives.. Empty matinees are always good (but kind of sad too...because when your audience is good and you're all on the same page then it makes the movie more fun) Drive-ins are a fun too because then the audience is solely who you're with inside your car and that becomes the experience. Then one of the most magnificent viewing options are home theaters. My dad has one in Texas, and soon his house in Salt Lake too. Watching movies that way is simply glorious. The sound system is great...and like a drive in you can bring in any food you want, but the seating is comfier! However, I could never wait til all new releases to watch every movie in that style. Besides...when the audience is just right, theaters are my favorite way to view a film!


In Theaters: Inception. A Dream of a Film

Last night I went and saw Inception in theaters again for my second viewing. Folks, this is what filmmaking is about. The first time I saw this film I was pretty much entranced the entire time (apart from when my Dad would question what was happening every 5 seconds,) and the second viewing was perhaps even more rewarding. But unlike my Dad, I found that during my initial viewing, as long as I paid attention, everything in the story came naturally, and dare I say it, even made sense.

Both the concept and execution of this film are top notch...honestly you can fill in the blank positive adjective here (astounding, magnificent, stupendous...you pick!) And honestly, it should be...Christopher Nolan had been working on this one for a good 10 years or so. This is his baby, and you better believe he did it right. Comparisons have been made with Inception to pretty much every other movie that contains some fantastic "other world," but honestly? It's better. This movie is simultaneously wholly entertaining, but also incredibly intelligent with its rich complexities and layers (which continue to reward the viewer with multiple viewings.)

I won't get into the plot...honestly go to the movie and see it yourself. The fewer specifics you know, the better. But I will say that the story unfolds itself at a perfect pace so that the audience is never bored. They're always learning something, whether it be in seeing the intricacies that shared dreaming allows or the mysteries that unfold surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio's character Cobb.

It must be said, that visually the film is quite fantastic as well. I was blown away by all of the imagery of the film, from Ariadne's (Ellen Page) training to Arthur's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) fight sequence. I've always been fascinated with the concept of dreaming and memories, and while the stuff here is vastly different than perhaps the more fantastical imagery found in films such as The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The Lovely Bones, The Science of Sleep, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it still resonates just as much and besides it is what the script calls for it to be. The point of the settings of this film is to constantly trick both the characters and the viewers to question what is real and what is a dream.

Now, I haven't even gotten into the merits of the cast here! This is one of the strongest ensemble casts I've ever seen. There is not one false note to be found, and also worth noting is that everyone manages to be likable. While I've heard some complaints about the character development of the side characters, again, that's not the point of the film. The whole cast plays exactly what is called for them (and does so well, seriously the whole cast is so solid), but when it comes down to it, the story only belongs to Cobb (and by degree, his wife.) Because of this, Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard's performances really stand out for me. Their story resonates with me, and anyone saying this film is lacking in heart or emotion must be seeing flaws they want to see that aren't there because they're a curmudgeon, or they just watched another movie than me entirely. Cotillard's character, in particular, had such a complex role that I really hope she is recognized come nomination time (the whole film better get a butt-load of awards honestly). Another underrated performance would be that of Cillian Murphy. He gives a character that could be very stereotypical some unexpected depth as well.

So what does this all mean? Well...basically it means that Inception is for sure my favorite film so far of 2010, and it will be near impossible to beat. But even more impressive, from the 2 viewings I'm already certain another shakeup of my top 10 is in order (in fact, I think I do have my new order now...but that shall be left for another blog!) I hope I didn't forget anything I wanted to say...the movie seriously has so much to talk about. But all I gotta say is Christopher Nolan, I can't wait to see what else you've got!


So Bad It's Good...No Wait...It's Actually Still Bad

Wow. I can't believe it's been a month since my last post! I'm really slacking. What brings me back today is that on Friday I finally saw Inception and I really really wanted to write a blog on it. But I told myself I could not write it until I finished the post I started a month ago about two movies on the polar opposite end of the spectrum than the masterpiece Inception.

Sometimes there's nothing I'm more in the mood for than a bad movie. Last month I had the pleasure (haha I think so at least) to see two particularly awful, yet entertaining films (but mostly only entertaining because of their absurdities)

Last month, my friend Bethany and I saw the Miley Cyrus/Nicolas Sparks collaboration The Last Song in the dollar theater. Actually, she didn't really go willingly, I dragged her in insisting that making fun sometimes is half the entertainment. Sometimes I just want to snicker at the movie and there's no better place than the dollar theater. There's still an audience, but I don't have to waste 9 bucks. As with all Nicolas Sparks adaptations, this film was highly melodramatic, manipulative and cheeseriffic (p.s. I love that when writing this, cheeseriffic was not something that had a red underline for a misspelled word, but Miley was. heh heh.) However, to add Miley Cyrus' first dramatic role and you have a truly entertaining bad movie. And I gotta say, watching her character and the love story in which she was involved was like watching "Beauty and the Beast"...with her in the beast role. She was completely unlikable and that such a sweet, attractive, perfect boy would fall for that cranky, scraggly mess was completely unbelievable. The whole time I kept thinking "Who could ever learn to love that beast?" IMDB rating: 3.2/10. Ouch.

Right after seeing The Last Song, I followed it up with a film that came out last summer called Orphan. Clayton, Sean and I rented it for a laugh based on the previews from last year. While I got some, they were pretty disturbed! For me, Orphan was an extremely preposterous entertaining piece of trash. It was definitely more well made than The Last Song as it featured some fine performances, nice cinematography, and good direction. But the content at the core, was pretty trashy. And the twist at the end is so simultaneously ridiculous and brilliant that it's all kind of laughable. To distinguish I would say that The Last Song was poorly made, entertaining trash, while Orphan is well made, entertaining trash. I honestly could not recommend it to anyone, which is funny since my friend Michael immediately rented it after I was telling him about it! Coincidentally, when reading the reviews of Orphan one reviewer had a quote that totally got what I'm talking about, and which leads me to discuss my all time favorite awful movie!

"Orphan will likely put off more people than it will envelop in its seemingly unintended hilarity. You just have to figure out what camp you are in and go with it. If you’re in the one that endlessly watches the Nicolas Cage Wicker Man compilation on YouTube than Orphan is definitely the movie for you"

That's right that's me! My favorite bad movie ever is 2006's The Wicker Man starring Nicolas Cage. This was one of my favorite movie experiences ever. Me and my dad were trying to go along with it for (surprisingly now that I look back on it! haha) the majority of the film. It was stupid, and there was so much overacting, but we were willing to go with it. And then it happened...Nicolas Cage punched the butchest woman I've ever seen in my life in the face and me and my Dad just lost it. We laughed for the rest of the entire movie as he punched two other women, stole one of their bikes, and finally paraded around in a bear suit. A BEAR SUIT. So fantastic. I still love to watch it for laughs. But remembering how me and my dad lost it in the theater is one of my favorite movie memories. I bought the movie for 1 buck at a going out of business video store. One time my friends and I had a drinking party...but more to see who could pee their pants since the beverages were apple beer and root beer. IMDB rating: 3.6/10

And, of course, when talking about terrible, yet entertaining movies, you have to mention the work of the late Ed Wood. A few years back Anna and I rented Glen or Glenda and Plan 9 From Outerspace. So terrible, bizarre, and hilarious. IMDB ratings 3.5/10 and 3.6/10

So what are some of your favorite bad ones?

P.S. Here's the youtube video for The Wicker Man that I love!
Wicker Man Recut Trailer


Blockbuster Roundup

Lest you think that all I'm watching these days are chick films, I thought I should probably give an update on the big movies in the summer movie season so far. I have seen Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, and Prince of Persia and thought about writing blogs about each (and with Robin Hood I even started one.) But for some reason, couldn't really focus enough energy to write anything on them individually. I think that alone clearly sums up my feelings that they were all just rather: Meh.
The first Iron Man is a great superhero film. It was very well-made and was equal parts action and humor (a great formula.) It also featured a nice plot that wasn't too convoluted. The sequel, on the other hand, had its moments of great action and humor, but I think were ultimately too few and far between for me. I found myself bored with a lot of it, but it's possible I wasn't focused enough on the film when I saw it, so maybe I should see it again. All I know is that it wasn't demanding my attention, so I didn't really give it away. I thought this when I saw Transformers 2 last summer and noticed how much my mind wandered. I know the audience has a role in trying to engage themselves in a film...but they shouldn't be expected to do all the work...the film should do its part in being good and entertaining enough to keep its audience interested. For whatever reason, Iron Man 2 didn't do it for me. But maybe I should see it again.

Now onto Robin Hood. This was one of my most anticipated films of the year/summer, so the fact that it didn't live up to expectations was pretty disappointing. This was definitely a film with a lot of potential to focus on characters who already have a rich mythology but ended up feeling like a movie with nice moments (again when it focused on its characters,) but somehow generic overall. If only it had tighter editing I might have been a little more excited for the climactic battle scene at the end, instead of thinking to myself "oh great I've got to sit through this now before it ends." This is where length becomes very key to a film's success. It should feel like a fun adventure we want to take with the characters, not something we have to just sit through and witness. One thing that kept me somewhat entertained with Robin Hood was playing "spot the actor" or "where have I seen that guy before.." Well for starters, Little John was a guy commonly seen in Lost, Friar Tuck was the Dad in Still Standing (!? Really?? haha) and the Sheriff of Nottingham was Matthew Macfadyen (better known as Mr. Darcy to the ladies.) And let me tell you, Darcy, never looked uglier! Haha, I couldn't even believe it was the same man. I think a sequel could be good though because I really did enjoy Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett in their roles.

Prince of Persia is the last summer blockbuster I've seen. I definitely had no desire to see Shrek 4, and haven't gotten around to Killers (though I wouldn't really call that a blockbuster..but anyways.. I think it would be a solid dollar movie) From the lot, it was definitely the most entertaining, but still pretty forgettable/bland. I felt like there were one too many obstacles going on in it and you come to a point where it was kind of like "enough already." I think a sequel could be fun though if they were to write the banter between the leads better.

So far then it's been a pretty mediocre summer as far as films go, but I'm hoping the ray of light comes in the form of Inception. This movie looks absolutely spectacular. Christopher Nolan is a fantastic director and I've loved everything I've ever seen from him (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Memento are some great examples of filmmaking! I still need to see Insomnia though.) Inception also boasts a top-rate cast featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine. How can you go wrong there? Every trailer and t.v. spot I've seen for this movie absolutely blow me away, so I pretty much have sky-high expectations for it. Hopefully, it's as good as I'm hoping!


Chemistry...it's not just in a classroom ;)

So today I took my mom to see Letters to Juliet for her mother's day gift. Sometimes your impression towards a film really depends on who you see it with and their attitude towards it. For example, I don't know that I ever had the chance (thank goodness haha!) to truly fall in love with Avatar when I saw it with my skeptical friend Shauny. She isn't too keen on sci-fi but was game to see the movie with me anyway (I love that about her, she'll see anything with me!) We both went along with the movie to a point, but when the alien sex scene happened we both kind of lost it. She snickered at the ridiculousness of the scene, and I was brought out of it too because of her reaction and thought to myself, "yeah...this is pretty ridiculous." Had I seen the movie with my Dad (who is obsessed with it now) I probably, at least initially, would have had different feelings on the movie. Though I'm still convinced that I would have felt some sort of backlash for it anyway as it became a cultural phenomenon and made SO much money when it was really only average (and completely derivative)...but that's another story...

But back to Letters to Juliet. This was a sweet little film, which my mom happened to adore, and her enthusiasm was contagious. My friend Anna had seen it a few weeks earlier and told me it was mediocre. If I had seen it with her, I might have had a similar impression. But seeing it with my mom, I saw it for what it was: just a sweet love story. Yes, it had some unbearably cheesy lines in it, and strictly followed the romantic formula that usually I get pretty tired of, but seeing it with her, I still liked it. This is because she saw more in it than just a fairy tale. Now before I get into why we liked it better than the average chick flick, let me first say, that the film certainly should be acknowledged as a fairy tale and a part of me kept thinking about the quote from (500) Days of Summer:

"It’s these cards, and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all the lies and the heartache, everything. We’re responsible. I’M responsible. I think we do a bad thing here. People should be able to say how they feel, how they really feel, not ya know, some words that some stranger put in their mouth. Words like love, that don’t mean anything."

It's not wrong to be entertained by films like Letters to Juliet, but it's also very important to label it for what it is: entertainment. It's fun, sweet, and cute....but hardly real. In other words, I do think it's very important not to let stuff like this color your expectations of what love and relationships should be, but they are harmless and fun when you understand that fact. So while I don't like giving films like this too much weight, that doesn't mean the romantic side of me (yes, I have one...who knew?) doesn't enjoy seeing happy endings every now and then...even if they are totally far-fetched (but only if the film as a whole, is done right!!)

So why did we generally enjoy it? Well, My mom is all about looking deeper and analyzing things (probably where I get it from!) To her, what made the movie special was the relationships between all the characters (not just the romantic relationships, but the mother/daughter type bond between Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried as well,) and the amount of chemistry they shared with their respective love interests. This led us to another interesting post-movie discussion about romantic chemistry in film.

For me, chemistry can make an average film, above average. It has the power to make or break a film. As we discussed what we considered to be romantic comedy bombs we noticed the main factor always seemed to be a lack of chemistry. One recurring culprit we found was Hugh Grant. When we looked at his filmography we found that he never really has chemistry with anyone!! (Though I have no problems with his acting abilities...he's fantastic in About a Boy.) Of the many zillions of rom-coms he's done, I would say that his only great chemistry was found in Love Actually, with an actress who I've never seen in anything else . But with Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore? The results were mostly meh.

So here is the question I pose to you: what are some examples of the best and worst chemistry you've ever seen?

Pour Moi? Well...I know...I'm predictable...but I gotta mention (500) Days of Summer. Again. Haha, but seriously...the scene outside the bar after karaoke is off the charts. (The scene in the copy room as well as the scene in Ikea are also great.) I'd also mention the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice, Penelope with James McAvoy and Christina Ricci (that's a great cinematic kiss! even if they don't share that many scenes in the film) and Moulin Rouge...to name a few. Now as far as terrible chemistry? Probably Matthew McConaughey and anyone. But definitely Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes in Maid in Manhattan. Who thought that match would be a good idea???